Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Dancing Clouds 16, 3123

Report from Jiard Okt regarding the Grey Rangers of Karas

Sabine finished her long casting at the Stoneholler home in thanks for their hospitality and as she feared, there was a scream from the sleeping quarters.

Unlike she had expected, what emerged from the room was not Master Stoneholler or even Lord Stoneholler, but a human servant they’d seen the night before. He was in a mad dash to leave, and a bit red in the face. Sabine moved to strike him with her Everwood staff while Kodisater drew back on his newly acquired bow and both attacks went wide, the arrow skittering down the hallway as the agile servant strode past them. From down the hall a sick looking Lord Stoneholler called after them to stop that creature. Kosiaster drew back again and waited until there was no chance of a nimble dodge before letting loose his arrow. It entered at the chin and exited at the crown, dropping the dark beast as well as the illusion that made him appear to be a living human man. What was left behind was a burned out husk that had once been a man. Lord Stoneholler stopped. “Well … that’s one way to do it …”

It looked like the creature had planned to leave the councilor dead and leave the blame with the Rangers (or maybe their presence just made it nervous and forced its timetable, who knows?) . In either case, the Stonehollers were very grateful and put Sabine up for a few hours to rest.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and soon the Rangers found themselves in Olara itself, with the evidence of war well away from their eyes. They had just enough time to enter the city and get settled in a ranger-held building before it was time for recreation and drinking.

Inside they met Gisela Bachman, an archer, scholar, and tactician, as well as the ranking ranger (a Sergeant) and her two rank and file ranger “twin” brothers Radulf and Volmer (described as the two ugliest Olarans to be found, mostly because of the terrible battle scars they have everywhere). The Rangers bathed and drank out in public with the promise of meeting with the Council tomorrow.

Notable Personalities

  • Gisela Bachman
  • Volmer
  • Radulf


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