Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Dancing Clouds 28, 3123

Report from Jiard Okt regarding the Grey Rangers of Karas

Having spent the night at the Grey Ranger house in Olara, the Ranger were ready to head to their meeting when an early morning visitor in the shape of “Wot” showed and told Gisela that he owed Carn some money. She roused Carn who was quite confused, and in short order it was (more or less) determined that the small goblin who had arrived wanted the Ranger to meet with a member of the War Council in secret. Rangers were gathered and they departed for a seedy tavern in a part of town that some people called “the docks” because of it’s trade routes and because it’s where black market goods moved (and not for it’s actual docks, which did not exist).

At this meeting they are told that Juku was brought to Olara on purpose, on the order of the war council. They were told that there was a minority on the war council who were horrified that their nation might go to such lengths to try to gain an advantage against the Prelacy’s war machine. She implored the rangers to try to talk some sense into the nation in their meeting.

Armed with this knowledge, the rangers attended their meeting and were given entrance into the war council, where they saw many councilors, a very well dressed man with a security detail, and Colonel Reet Tuck.

The meeting started off rocky, with Carn bluntly accusing the war council of kidnapping Juku to use as a weapon. The small council was dismissed at the order of a well dressed man (presumably the king) and all that was left was the proper council and the rangers. The man addressed Carn and informed him that Juku had been brought on his word, and that he had 4 life sentences to answer for in Olara. It had been decided that he would be turned loose on the Prelacy and die in the field, a legitimate if very old legal sentence. The war council had voted and agreed that if his death could serve some purpose, why not? Carn only spoke a few more disrespectful words before he was reminded that he was addressing a sovereign nation and that it would be a shame if he was removed from it naked and alone.

However, the debate did not end. The rangers wanted to ensure that Juku died and that he did not turn on Olara. The War Council informed them that if they were so concerned that they could join him in the field the next day and make sure he went where he was supposed to. The rangers took this proclamation stoically, for the most part.

As a last ditch effort Sabine spoke out, despite wanting to remain silent lest her Camonere accent betray them, but with all else lost she implored the war council not to take this action. She said that they could gain just as great a tactical advantage by employing spellcasters in the mountains and hill where the Prelacy cavalry was almost useless and where their superior numbers were less valuable. She told the man that if he did this thing, that he would only be proving the Church of Archanon right, and that it would make him the ally of Darkness that they feared he was: that it would not solve any problems, but only create more passionate hate among their people (she also made a truly epic roll, and managed 4 raises after her adventure card).

The war council was moved by this and after some deep thought the king proclaimed that he would do as they asked and tasked the Rangers with the execution of Juku the Fist before night fall.

Reet Tuck lead the rangers into the duingeons where Juku was kept in their largest and most well made cell in chains thick enough to hold a mountain in place. She seemed to express regret and as they traveled the rangers grew nervous that she would turn on them. When questioned she said, “I am loyal to Olara.” She empowered their weapons with flame and stood quite a ways down the hall while they executed Juku through the bars of his cell. He was felled by the magic of Kithain ad left behind a terribly large corpse. The Rangers took his head with them as proof to the rest of the rangers that he had died. They also took the small goblin with them, as during the execution he had crawled up Reet Tuck’s body in an attempt to stop her casting spells, fearing her betrayal. He was, of course, fured for this.

In the night before they left, Kodiaster did some research and reading with Gisel about the bow he got from Homestead and Sabine had a fitful night’s sleep in communion with her staff.


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