Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Forest Dance 21, 3122

Report from Jiard Okt regarding the new Grey rangers sent to Karas

After the halted raid on the Featherdown Farm the PC’s dragged the survivers into the barn and employed some enhanced intimidation techniques (which is to say that they let the remaining raiders assume they wanted to murder them) and got information about the location of their camp and their motives. They let one go after he provided them with information. A second was kept tied up. He seemed resigned to his fate, whatever it may be. He did not withold information (feeling no real sense of loyalty). It was noted that Shaina seemed a bit too eager to cause mayhem and her compatriots are a bit concerned.

The rangers discovered that there were not only another 8 raiders, but that they were taking their orders from a Red Haired Woman, and that their leader was a man called Joyce. Their captive, Keith, advised them to attack at night under cover of dark to stop the raiders from simply taking hostages of the two young girls they had in their camp (they have plans to sell the girls into slavery to the west).

The battle unfolds very well for the rangers. They take out the three guards silently and keep the girls quiet. They light pitch across the cave entrance and anyone leaving is forced to test their bravery in crossing. this limits the number of men they must engage at a time and proves very clever. A well times illusion convinces Joyce that he’s on fire and he runs for the water pool in the cave that these raiders have made their temporary home.

The girls are released and stay with the rangers for now. Soon, they will interrogate Joyce (who threw away his weapons when he saw that he was outnumbered five to one).

Notable Personalities:

  • Joyce: raid leader (statted as a Marauder)
  • Red Headed Woman: A wildcard using Tor mastak Leader stats.
  • Keith: Stoic raider who is now captive.


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