Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Forest Dance 23, 3122

Report from Jiard Okt regarding the new Grey Rangers sent to Karas

The rangers had just finished defeating the farm raiders and they tied up those that survived the fight (4 plus Keith, the man that lead them to the camp) and interrogated the leader. Shaina made light of the dead bodies and Sabine punched her and broke her jaw.

Nobody was able to break Joyce, but in the morning the next day Solvaynus arrived.

Flashback: Solvaynus traveled north with Jaird Okt as part of a caravan relocating people to the northern region. The caravan was being watches by suspicious looking men late the night outside Karas and Solvaynus went to greet the men. He asked them their business and they asked him what the caravan was carrying. When he told them it was just people they seemed suspicious and disappointed. He agreed to take one of them back with him to show them that he spoke the truth. they evaluated the camp and the bandits left: there is no bounty for people, just trade caravans. The people were grateful that the peaceful ranger was able to help get them to Karas with no violence.

Back in real time: Solvaynus speaks with Joyce for many hours, and the man develops an appreciation for his perspective. He tells him that the Red Haired Woman is paying at least one other group, probably two, and that he thinks they’re hitting caravans. Prisoners are fed and taken into town the next afternoon, after the Rangers rested. Bierce went along. When the prisoners were turned over to the Reeve, Sebastian crow, they left Keith out of the cage, for fear that the others would try to kill him (they had already tried in the barn at the Featherdown Farm). Bierce told the Reeve that he was willing to let Keith work off his debt to his family at the farm if he would let him take custody of the prisoner. wanting no more complications, he agreed and the two left.

The meeting with the Duke was scheduled for the next day, so the Rangers went off in search of their Outpost. The good news is that they found it. The bad news is that it’s been out of use for years. Most of the useful materials were taken and re-purposed. Windows are gone or broken, stoves are gone, even the rear deck is mostly stripped bare. The Outpost is a four story affair made to host guests downstairs and keep the upper floors secure. It’s tall and narrow and in terrible shape. They started looking around the upper floors and were greeted by terrified people and goblins wielding hoes and chairs. They yelled at the party and the party yelled back, but only Sabine could understand them because they were yelling in Camonere.

These people were refugees, fleeing the Prelacy and being pursued by a terrible paladin. Two of the people (Alakar who look almost human) are the son and daughter of a powerful sorceress who works inside Camon and the Paladin is after them to use as leverage against their mother. Along for the ride are 3 goblins (a mother, a father, and a small child) as well as a human druid and his family. They shared that they are traveling to Mindoth’s Tower in the south, but stopped here to hide from the Paladin Salillon. The Rangers chose to let them stay and keep them safe.

Jiard Okt was asked to find out what he could about the paladin looking for the refugees. It was revealed that the man had come through the city with a column of cavalry two weeks ago and stayed the night before moving on (he was gone before the Duke’s men even knew he was there). The Rangers suspect that he paid off some city folk to watch for the escapees for him. they are being very cautious (Jiard also raised a commotion when he arrived at the Outpost to relay the information).

The meeting with the Duke took place, and he asked the Rangers of their tale and their plan. It was decided that the most likely assumption was that The Prelacy is planning a sweep through the area for whatever reason (especially since the Red Haired Woman sewing discord was paying in Camonere printed coin and spoke with a Camonere accent). The Duke accepted the money the raiders were paid and their justice was discussed (the locals will be fined and publicly shamed. Joyce will probably be put to death because he’s not local and it’s very unlikely that anyone will be willing to take him back to his home). A plan was hatched to make the city more defensible by creating a wall around the small west bank.

Notable Personalities:

  • Pit Highwall: Dwarven druid from Mindoth’s tower. Gave Solvayus a bird to release should the Prelacy move on the area.
  • Liana: Prostituute from Five Cross, sister to one of the Farm Raiders.
  • Torrence: her son
  • Yaserra: An alakar sorceress from Camon working against the Church.
  • Salillon: Paladin serarching for refugees.
  • Tolin Kahnar: The Duke of Karas
  • Philippe Nivard: human druid, walking the path of Landra.
  • Juut: His fox familiar
  • Sebastian Crow: The Reeve of Karas


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