Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Raining Leaves 11, 3122

Report from Jiard Okt regarding the Grey Rangers sent to Karas

The Rangers have been settling into their new (old) Outpost, though it is still without a name. Jiard Okt delivered their pay and relayed a message that Corporal Neetar will be coming to visit soon. Then the Rangers set about minding their own business.

Solvayus went into town to find out about the Prelacy Paladin who passed through. Not a lot of people wanted to help him, as he could not pay them (being Korindian) but later on he discovered that doing deeds for them was worth money in their minds and he worked some in formation out of them. He was told that the Paladin had been seen at a local blacksmith’s place (James Smith). James is a racist and a drunk and he was of no help to Solvayus, but while James was telling the korindian off, Phillip Silvers entered and told Solvayus he could help him. He introduced him to his daughter (and apprentice) Hilda, who was able to tell him a great deal (James Smith fancies her). She told him that the blacksmith had not only put up the Paladin and his men in his own home, but that James had slept in the shop while he was there, and that he had been sending regular birds of a sort she had never seen before out with messages attached since. Solvayus, much to the dismay of the other rangers, told her about the refugees.

While this was going on, Kithain looked around for items that may have been left by the rangers and discovered a secret wall. Using seeds and other crushed plants he outlined the rune on the wall in the upper floor ….. into the shape of an owl. Kithain fears owls more than anything (he believes them to be the harbingers of death) and cried out. Phillipe (the human refugee) had an owl feather fan and loaned it to Sabine, who used it to fan the area of the icon. the seeds fell to the ground revealing a locked alchemy lab with a jug of something brown in it (which they hope is alchemical in nature …)

Sabine decided to get to know the area and took to the rivers and forests to hunt, with the others following. Within the forest she noticed they were being watched by horrid dark ravens. She got too close to one and sent it flying off. It returned soon enough with a whole swarm of birds (everything from the aforementioned owls and ravers to songbirds) and something larger: the dragging shambling dead body of a horse. Bones and muscle were visible through the skin and it’s eyes glowed a fierde dark blue. While the swarm attacked the rangers it fired bolts of darkness at them, almost like an eigth appendage (eight? Yes. it had rotten wings on the side, though whether they were original or not, it was unclear). These creatures of darkness were dispatched mostly by Sabine’s everwood staff and clever use of flaming torches by Kithain. Solvayus, however, was a true hero in healing Sabine as the swarm tried to tear her to pieces.

In the wake of this danger, the dead birds and rotten pegasus-thing left mostly terrible feathers, rotten organs, and a black sludge. It was not the Rangers’ best day. They returned to the city, making a note of the danger, and with Solvayus realizing that someday he would need to come back to cleanse the area if he wanted to truly serve the will of the Ascended.

Note: Maybe it’s nothing, but I feel like I’m being watched. It’s not a feeling I like. I haven’t felt it since my training and it’s making me nervous.

Notable Personalities:

  • James Smith: racist blacksmith. 45-50. Human
  • Philip Silvers: Local silversmth. Good man. 35-40. presumably entirely human.
  • Hilda Silvers: Philip’s daughter and apprentice. Roughly 17-18. presumably entirely human.


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