Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Karas

Forest Dance 20, 3122
Report from Jiard Okt regarding the new Grey rangers sent to Karas

A group of recently promoted rangers (they were recruits last week) were sent to Karas by Neekosh Neetar in response to the repeated requests from the Duke to aid his farms, which had been mostly burned by raiders. Word is that there just wasn’t enough manpower to go around, but apparently with this promotion there’s a bit to spare. They were asked to find the source of the burning and stop it, and also to settle into the old ranger outpost there and get it up and running again. Looks like they’re in for a surprise there.

Near as I can tell, the makeup of the squad looks like this:

  • Sabine, a former resident of Camon new to the Rangers and to this part of the world. Since Karas is so close to Camon, her knowledge of the place might come in handy.
  • Kodiaster: Aevekar archer and scout (who the Ramgers call Kodi Aster because they don’t really get his name).
  • Carn Mindril: Dwarven tinker and engineer who likes books and people in that order
  • Shaina Icetongue HighWind: brinche adept who is currently more of a tavern brawler and punster.
  • K’thain: an eldakar sorcerer who seems to lack social skills … or just chooses not to employ them.

The Rangers arrives in Karas, traveling past the burned down husks of several farms. The Duke was in pitched meetings with Wheelwrights (they are demanding more money to travel with trade caravans now that these caravans are being regularly attacked along the road) so he was unavailable to meet with anyone.

They did their own investigation and found a surviver of the last attack (one of the rangers gave a dockmaster half her monthly salary to thak him for his help …. he’s thrilled). The following farms were burned and sacked (in this order):

  • Pilson Farm, which specializes in barley
  • Runshore farm, which raises cattle for meat and tallow
  • Cresthandle farm, which makes strong straw and reeds for baskets
  • Sunup farm, which specializes in root vegetables, especially beets for sugar and alcohol
  • Keyman Vinyard, which used to be a winery, but which now raises goose and pork
  • Yek Farms, a dwarven family farm focusing on wheat and beans

They found Piton Yek staying in a local hostle (the Duke was kind enough to put him up there for a month after the attacks). He told them what he saw of the burning of his family farm through tears. they vowed to help him.

Shaina talked to the Duke’s porter, Novak, at the gate to his manor and was told about the Wheelwright dispute, as well as about the fact that trade caravans are being attacked on the roads to the west. She paid him half her salary as well, having no smaller coins. he was less impressed, because he sees more silver.

They traveled to the next largest farm in the area: the Fatherdown farm, run by the Bilner family. Kithain was asked to speak to the people there and partly because his player was not present and (partly because his player was not present) he complimented the human woman very poorly. turns out that telling a pregnant woman that she must be very well fed does not go over well. She yelled him off and the rest of the group had a hard time convincing her of their intentions. Once they did they were welcomed. She made them dinner and they met the family: Tamela Bilner (seven months pregnant), her son Baldo (12 years old), and her husband’s parents Boyd (an elderly man with one bad eye) and Mern (a very frail old woman who is bedridden). Her husband, she said, was off trying to secure men to protect the farm, possibly as far away as Dooly.

The rangers moved the family to the root cellar after sinner and used buckets to wet the barn which stored not only a hundred birds (chickens, ducks, and geese) but hundreds of pounts of feathers all bailed up together in the loft. They also oiled and waxed bags and set them on the roof just in case.

Around ten men came storming in from the surrounding lands under cover of stealth. Nobody got the drop thanks to some clever lookouts, but a fight ensued. the orchard was set ablaze, but the protection on the barn held. There were a lot of these men (13 in all) bit the rangers were determined. Towards the end of the fight (which had three fronts) Kithain re-emerged to help do away with the enemy archers from behind. Noteable moments:
Shaina using a bag full of rotten eggs as a great trick to shakle a foe
Carn taking an arrow right to the neck and nearly dying (from across the pond)
Sabine beheading one of the enemy cleanly
Kodiaster plucking off raiders from the rooftop. they never saw him.

Eventually the marauder leading the group called a retreat. Sasbine demanded to know who he was working for and he said, “I doubt she’s like it if I told you.” And then he was off through the flaming fields. He was not seen again.

The rangers WERE left with one shaken foe to keep as a prisoner, so perhaps they will get some details from him later on.

Notable Personalities:

  • Neekosh Neetar: goblin Corporal who promoted the trainees to ranger and gave them their mission.
  • Duke Tolin Khanar: in meetings all night. His manor has a polite front gate, but it’s only for show.
  • Piton Yek: Old dwarven farmer with a red and grew striped beard. Sad, dead family. Will be grateful in the Rangers bring these killers to justice.
  • DockMaster: paid a silver for drawing a rough map. he liked these rangers
  • Novak: The Duke’s porter
  • Tamela Bilner: pregnant mother of the Bilner family
  • Baldo: 12 year old Bilner son. Inpressed by aevekar feathers and pretty swords.
  • Boyd Bilner: Elderly patriarch of the family. One cloudy eye. Still pretty good with a bow.
  • Grandma Mern: elderly matriarch of the family. Loves telling stories. Mostly blind, still clever, can barely move. Bedridden.
  • Bierce Bilner: husband of the family. was off looking to hire guards.

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